Jewish Council of Australia Condemns Antisemitic Graffiti at Mount Scopus College
May 25, 2024

The Jewish Council of Australia strongly condemns the antisemitic vandalism that defiled the front fence of Mount Scopus Memorial College’s Burwood campus on Saturday. 

This reprehensible act of vandalism is an attack not only on the school but on Jewish communities more broadly.

Antisemitism, in all its forms, is always unacceptable and should have no place in our society. This act of hatred underscores the urgent need for cooperation, education and community dialogue to combat prejudice and promote understanding.

Dr. Max Kaiser, Executive Officer, Jewish Council of Australia:

“This incident comes at a time of immense violence in Gaza. No matter your opinion on this issue, it is never acceptable to target Jews or to blame Jewish people generally for the actions of the Israeli state. The media and politicians need to take this incident as a wake up call to act more responsibly in distinguishing between Jews in Australia and the government of Israel. The Jewish community is not a monolith and we refuse to be used as political footballs.”

Sarah Schwartz, Executive Officer, Jewish Council of Australia:

"Acts of antisemitism are attacks on the values of inclusivity and respect that our society strives to uphold. We must stand united against all forms of racism. We must bring communities facing racism together to work in solidarity. We remain committed to advocating for a society where diversity is celebrated, and all individuals can live without fear of discrimination or violence.”

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