The Jewish Council of Australia is committed to standing against all forms of racism.

We bring expertise in the fields of Jewish history, human rights law, public policy, politics and law reform.


We provide an independent expert Jewish voice supporting human rights and opposing antisemitism and racism.

We are a diverse coalition of Jewish academics, lawyers, writers, and teachers. We bring expertise on human rights, antisemitism and racism. We are particularly concerned about the rise in neo-Nazi activities, fascism and far right extremism.

Our values

  • Equality
  • Human Rights
  • Freedom
  • Democracy
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"The Jewish Council is an important initiative. The next generation of Australian Jews is resisting the pressure applied by the Jewish establishment to defend Israel and the Occupation." - Louise Adler AM

"The establishment of the Council importantly seeks to reset the record and provide perspectives informed by principles of accuracy, transparency, and justice." - Emeritus Professor Andrea Durbach AM

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