As Rafah assault continues, Australia must vote yes to Palestine at UN and do more to prevent genocide 

The Jewish Council of Australia is horrified by what we are witnessing Israel do in Rafah. Israel’s ongoing violence in Gaza and the West Bank is the greatest impediment to peace for Palestinians and Israelis. 

We call on the Australian Government to demonstrate its commitment to the human rights of Palestinians by voting yes for Palestine to have full member status at the United Nations. The vote is expected on Friday in New York.

The Australian Government should also be working with other countries to put an end to Israel’s vicious and escalating assault on a trapped population in Rafah. The world is watching a genocide intensify in real time.

The situation demands more from the Australian Government than reiteration of its concerns. Israel is bombing Palestinians indiscriminately in the place which they were told to evacuate to, and which they thought would be safe.

The Jewish Council calls for an immediate permanent ceasefire and urges the Australian Government to do everything in its power to achieve this, including through sanctions and cutting diplomatic and military ties. 

Quotes from Sarah Schwartz, human rights lawyer and Executive Officer of the Jewish Council of Australia

“The time for hollow expressions of concern is over. It is abundantly clear that Israel is breaching international law and will not stop until it faces material consequences. Australia has not just a legal, but a moral duty to do all it can to prevent genocide.”

“If the Albanese Government is truly committed to equality and human rights for Palestinians, it must vote yes at the United Nations to admit Palestine as a full member state. Palestine cannot just be a state on paper; the Australian Government must take active steps to make Palestinian self determination reality.”

Quotes from Max Kaiser, historian and Executive Officer of the Jewish Council of Australia

“We join thousands of Jews – in Australia and around the world – saying that Israel's actions are incompatible with our Jewish values. Opposing this genocide is an expression of our Jewishness and an honouring of our ancestors who were victims of genocidal violence.”

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